Mathias Church, one of the most interesting churches in the country located close to the Royal Palace is still a functioning church with regular masses. In Turkish times all the furnishings were removed and all the decorated walls were whitewashed and painted with inscriptions from the Koran. Later it was converted into a Baroque church and the rose windows were walled in. At the same time the walls were repainted on the basis of fragments found during the restoration.

Fisherman's bastion: During the middle ages this area of the castle district was defended by the Fishermen's Guild, and the area was also a site of a medieval fish market. The Bastion with its neo-Romanesque style looks as if it had played an important role during the colorful history of Hungary, but in fact it is hardly 100 years old.

The Royal Palace and the Caste district dominates the Buda skyline as it stands elegantly on the Buda hill overlooking the more industrial Pest side.