Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes this sightseeing tour so unique?
  • Our tour guides personally drive the car. You get to enjoy your tour guide's attention 100%. You have the opportunity to alter your tour any way you desire.
  • Do you have other tours than the Standard Budapest Tour?
  • Yes we have. On this homepage we offer registration only for the standard tour, however if you are interested only in special tours (such as :Budapest by night, Tour Szentendre) please feel free to download our brochures under the 'Brochures' button.
  • If we have our own ideas would you incorporate those into a tailor-made tour of how best to visit the beautiful sites of Budapest and Hungary?
  • Of course! We are ready to help you! The prices of these tailor-made tours are calculated regarded the time-period of the tour(s). Please contact us for further details
  • Do you have a mini-van available? We are a family of 3.
  • Of course, anything is possible! However this will mean a little extra cost for you. You will have to pay the price of 4 passengers.
  • Can I register for the tour in my hotel in Budapest?
  • You may find our offer in some hotels, but we offer these moderate prices only if you register here. Prices available in hotels may be much higher because hotels ask for very high commissions.

Should you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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